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Snap bar wax melt tobacco

Snap bar wax melt tobacco

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Introducing our soy wax melt with Tobacco scented fragrance oil, the perfect blend of creamy vanilla and dark brown sugar, smoky tobacco, and mahogany woods. This unique scent will take you on a sensory journey that is both rich and bold. The warm notes of creamy vanilla and dark brown sugar will entice your senses, while the smoky tobacco and mahogany woods add depth and complexity. Whether you're looking for a cozy atmosphere in your home or a relaxing escape after a long day, this soy wax melt will envelop you in a warm and inviting aroma. The soy wax is all-natural and eco-friendly, ensuring that you can enjoy this delightful scent without any harmful chemicals. Place in your wax warmer and experience the magic for yourself!

Snap Bar Soy Wax Melt (NT WT 1.7 OZ/50G)
Tobacco Scent

Wax info:
Wax 100% soy wax
Scented Fragrance oil

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